Stick This iGrill In Before You Heat Your Meat

Take a break while you cook your steak with this iGrill.

Everyone has a story about the failed dinner party or the disastrous BBQ. Meat is on the menu and it either runs the risk of making you sick from being undercooked or losing your teeth from biting down on something far overcooked.

Weber Igrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer Black 3.2 x 10.8 x 5 cm, 7220 Along comes smart technology to save the day. The Weber iGrill range solves the problem so you never over- or under-cook your food again. This smart home accessory premise is simple. You place a probe sensor into your cooking, use an app on your phone, tell it what you’re cooking and how you would like it cooked, leave it and watch the progress from afar.

No more having to check the cooker every 10 minutes or rely on best guess timers. The iGrill app will keep you updated on the cooking progress and tell you when it’s done. All that’s needed now is to serve perfection and claim full credit for being the next celebrity chef.

The iGrill app works on most iPhone’s, iPad’s and Android devices. Designed “by barbecuers, for barbecuers” the iGrill app is fairly straightforward. You can set up alerts, temperature monitoring, timers and other functions.

The iGrill meat probes themselves are heat resistant up to a temperature of 380 degrees Celcius (if you’re cooking something that hot, you’re probably not looking to eat it). For this summary, we have highlighted the Weber Igrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer but there are variations on the range. For example, the iGrill 3 Thermometer can be used with up to four meat probes.

You can check out our other curated smart kitchen appliances for your smart home. And remember – if you’ve used this range and want to leave your own review – you can do so below. Until next time, keep on smart cooking.

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