“ALEXA, I COMMAND THEE TO BOIL” – Voice Controlled Smart Kettle

In a perfect world there would be a kettle that fills itself, boils itself then pours itself. A robot could then come along,¬†pick up the cup, bring it to you, blow gently until it cools, tip the contents into your mouth then discard of the cup in a dishwater. The Appkettle Smart Kettle doesn’t do all that – but it does have some nice smart features.

Designed in the UK the Appkettle Smart Kettle boasts itself as a high-tech domestic kettle developed over a number of years.

There are three ways of controlling this. One, you pour water in, press the button, wait, pour. Old school but effective. The second is using an app. Download the Appkettle app onto your iOS or Android device and you can start the smart kettle at will. I imagine this also means remotely – although I have yet to figure out a use for that function. This works over WiFi, 3G and 4G.

The third¬†and most impressive way is by tying it to your home assistant or hub. They reference Alexa skills and Echo, but Google Home and other such hubs work on this smart kettle too. You can command your Alexa “ALEXA, I COMMAND THEE TO BOIL” or some similar such command.

If you’re a geek – this uses IFTTT. If you’re not, keep your wifi password handy.

You can also set the kettle on a schedule so it boils when you get home or wake up.

One final feature worth mentioning. You can set the temperature the smart kettle will boil at. That may seem odd at first when people usually just boil a kettle then let it cool – but it’s useful for things like heating baby milk. We’re hopeful the next generation of this smart kettle will come with its own water filler. Alas, that may be some time away.

Now, who’s for tea, earl grey, hot?

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