ROB 1000 – The Robot Lawnmower

The Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robot Lawnmower is exactly what you think. A robot that mows the lawn. Living in London, I dream of a lawn – but if I had one, this is what I’d do.

Described as ideal for ideal for gardens up to 1000 square metres – for comparison that’s four times as big as a Tennis court (but only 1//5 the size of Bill Gates house).

ROB the robot lawnmower is smart. Not only will ROB cut the grass in a nice even way, but ROB will also return to the charging station when the battery starts running low.

Let ROB do the job – So you don’t have to

ROB 1000 comes with three cutting blades and reviews on Amazon are generally very positive. It’s designed to handle slopes. It’s quiet. And because he trims often, you’re not left with a ton of grass you kept putting off until it became a dystopian nightmare.

Will ROB fall off a cliff?

My first reaction when stumbling on a video of this was what happens if your lawn is open to the world or on a cliff edge? Will ROB meet a trimming demise plummetting to the rocks below?

Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower 18 V, Up to 1000 m sq Thankfully no. when setting ROB up (this is where the lazy part of you may groan) – you can use up to 200 pegs to create a perimeter fence. This means the robot lawnmower only goes where you want it to go. This prevents next doors rose garden being butchered by ROB in a fit of overenthusiasm.

Do I have to watch him?

This robot lawnmower is programmable – so there’s no need to supervise (and tut) while he works. ROB can be programmed to work at whatever time you choose, whether you are there or not.

I have jealous neighbours who may want to steal him.

ROB is nothing if not security conscious. Should someone attempt to pick him up and run off – he lets out a scream. A long, continuous alarm that won’t stop until a pin number is entered. He also stops mowing. Without the pin, he becomes a very loud and very useless paperweight. Each ROB is also paired with its specified charging station.

For those with smaller gardens – there’s also ROB’s little brother – ROB 600 – available.

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