Face Controlled Robot Ball

A few years ago we got our hands on the Sphero BB-8 robot which, thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was a big hit. The BB-8 would dart through shop floors, living rooms and trade expos annoying anyone who listened with its beeps and blops.

Sphero has since gone on to create more variations of their smart robot balls and so we come to the Sphero Mini App Enabled Robot. A teeny tiny addition to the robot ball family.

This gyroscopic wonder fits into a sphere the size of a ping-pong ball. Sync it with your phone (IOS or Android) using Bluetooth and away it goes.

The app comes with several games you can play with the Sphero Mini. A space shooter, a tunnel racer and a polygon of bricks destroyer as well as many others.

The Sphero Mini comes with an interesting feature Face Drive. Using the camera on your phone, facial recognition technology lets you move the Sphero Mini around the room. Competitive bowling anyone? Yes, it also comes with 3 mini traffic cones and 6 mini bowling pins. Strike!

Like the bigger brothers like BB-8, this Sphero charges from a USB cradle.

One cool little feature for the geeks out there is the ability to code the Sphero. We covered similar robots kits which can be used to teach kids (and adults) coding skills. The Sphero Edu app can be downloaded letting you code the robot using JavaScript.

The Sphero mini is a bright (thousands of colour variations), nimble fun little smart robot.

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